Monthly Archives: September 2014

Sin Has Consequences

That’s the harsh reality.  If you plant corn in the ground, you’ll reap some corn until its growth cycle is over and you replant.  Sin can be forgiven, but it is impacting.

God’s principle is “You reap what you sow.”  However, He also says if we “Sow to ourselves in righteousness, we will reap mercy.”

Let’s be good farmers today, and sow good seed rather than bad.

DAILY PRAYER:  Lord, draw my attention to how and what I sow today.  Forgive my sin, and lead me in paths of righteousness for Your name’s sake.

DAILY READING:  Num. 4-6;  Mark 2


When God told Moses how to configure the Israelites around the Tabernacle when they were encamped, they soon realized that from above, their placement had the appearance of a cross.

God was very specific when he detailed to Moses how the Tabernacle was to be built, and what responsibilities each Israelite, especially the sons of Levi, would carry out.  This all pointed to a God of order.  It all pointed to Christ Jesus.

Christ fulfilled the law, and obedience to the leading of His Spirit reveals God’s loving order and how it all fits together to accomplish His overall purposes in our daily lives.

DAILY PRAYER:    Lord, we are in awe when we see Your hand in our lives, skillfully leading us in paths of righteousness for Your name’s sake.  Lead me today.

DAILY READING:   Num. 1,2;  Mark 1

Paul’s Persistance

When meeting with the Jewish leaders in Rome, Paul reasoned with and did his best to explain clearly and fully to them how Jesus Christ was the Savior.  From morning til evening he faithfully did his best to open their eyes to the truths of God’s Kingdom.  However, their calloused hearts couldn’t accept it.

As teachers, parents, and leaders, we can take note of his outstanding example of faithful persistence to be an “Ambassador of Christ.”  Don’t give up presenting, praying, and making yourself available to those God has put you before.

DAILY PRAYER:  Lord, renew us and fill us today with Your Holy Boldness and sensitivity to others to represent You as we pray, share, love, and model the Christian life.

DAILY READING:  Lev. 26,27;  Acts 28

Remembering Rebecca

Today we celebrate the life of Rebecca Bryan, who faithfully served lunch and other meals to the Trinity family since 2003.

Rebecca has a place in many hearts because of her cheerful service and good food.

A Celebration of Life service will be conducted in the the Main Campus gym at 2:00 p.m.

DAILY PRAYER:  Lord, strengthen Mark and Abigail during the loss of Rebecca.  Teach us all to liberally give Your love to those around us while we have them.

DAILY READING:  Lev. 23-25;  Acts 27

Don’t Give Up

When the Lord knocked Saul of Tarsus to the ground while on his way to Damascus to persecute Christians, Jesus said to him, “Why  do you keep kicking against the goads?”

How long had the Lord dealt with Saul?  How long have you been praying for someone who needs to give in to the Lord and His ways?

As much damage as Saul seemed to have done to God’s Kingdom, he superseded that by the great good he did.  Don’t give up.  Keep believing, keep praying.  It will happen quickly.

DAILY PRAYER:  Lord, forgive us for not being patient to see you apprehend the ones we love.  Come quickly, Lord Jesus, and do Your mighty work.

DAILY READING:  Lev. 21,22  ;  Acts 25,26

Be Separate, Be Holy

God’s criteria for being separated from the Egyptian and Canaanite cultures was primarily expressed by His standards for sexual conduct … the dos and don’ts of sexual practice.

Our culture is so saturated with sexual pressure to violate God’s standards for sex.  When the Israelites violated His standards, He caused the land to “vomit them out.”  Although we don’t merit salvation by fulfilling the works of the law, we do gain insight into what is sin and what pleases God.  We are not legalists, but we do want to be God pleasers.  He gives us the power to please Him as we are Spirit led, Word indwelt, and grace empowered.

DAILY PRAYER:  Father in heaven, by the strength You give us through Christ Jesus, help us please You today in every word, thought, and deed.  We want You, not the pleasures of this life.

DAILY READING:  Lev. 18-20;  Acts 24


Physical pain in your body, deeply distressing relationship conflicts, ongoing life issue challenges … all these are experiences in life that can be described as suffering.

When considering the suffering experienced by Paul and other New Testament Christians, we are reminded that Christ suffered for us.  Paul associated his sufferings with those of Christ Jesus to make him mindful when he termed them “The fellowship of His sufferings.”  (Phil. 3:10)  Through this remembrance and association, he more completely knew his Savior.

Let’s transform our reaction to suffering and know Christ more deeply.

DAILY PRAYER:  Lord, forgive me for complaining about the times in my life when I experience hardship.  I remember You, and want to draw closer to You today.  Reveal Yourself to me.

DAILY READING:  Lev. 17.  Acts 21-23