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“Your Faith Has Made You Well”

Jesus spoke these words to the leper who returned to in gratitude for the healing he had received.  This is a key to receiving and walking in healing for your own body. You may know that I have a great need for healing. I want to walk in sufficient faith to receive my healing.

Before we run to the doctor, we should pray the prayer of faith with thanksgiving to Christ for being the healer. Then, you can go to the doctor to perform your due diligence.

PRAYER: Lord, You have the Words of Eternal Life. You also have the power to heal our bodies. We ask in Jesus’ name for complete healing. We praise and thank You ahead of time for the miracle You can perform.

READING: Luke 16-18

Count the Cost

Jesus taught that it’s wise to sit down and count the cost before you begin building. In the same manner, if you want to be an authentic Christian disciples, you must be willing to forsake all (material possessions) that is (are) dear to you to complete your spiritual pilgrimage.

Obviously, the willingness is the key issue. When we truly know Christ, we know He is more valuable to us than any material object.

PRAYER: Lord, You have the Words of eternal life. There is nothing here on earth we desire above You. We forsake our idolatry. We want YOU.

READING: Luke 13-15

Shameless Audacity

After His disciples had just asked Him to teach them to pray, Jesus told a story about a man who asked his neighbor late at night for some bread. Christ used this story of seeming imposition to illustrate the “shameless audacity” necessary to get what you need from God.  He commended the man for asking boldly, and encouraged His disciples to do the same with God.

Let’s not be guilty of not asking. God owns it all.

PRAYER: Father in Heaven, give us this day our daily bread. We ask boldly today for all that we have need of. We believe Your Word.We have confidence in our prayers.

READING: Luke 11,12

What is Most Important?

We sense the tension between Mary and her sister when Martha complains to Jesus that she has to do all the preparation work for a gathering. Jesus gently identifies Mary’s priority as “better” than Martha’s drive to get the work done. Note, however, that it was Martha who actually invited Jesus into the home.

Our takeaway … when the Lord is near, be a Mary.  When He’s not, be a Martha.

PRAYER: Father, help us to identify our ministry gift and use it for Your Kingdom. Some of us are more relational. Some are more diligent in our work. Help us to respect and appreciate each other.

READING: Luke 9, 10

Great Faith

Jesus declared, “I have not found such great faith … in Israel,” when He commended the Roman centurion for simply asking Him to “Say the word” and his servant would be healed.  Then, one chapter later, Jesus scolded His disciples for their lack of faith when they could not deal with the squall that arose on the Sea of Galilee.

We take note that our faith determines what we have from Christ when we need supernatural intervention in the challenges of life.

PRAYER: Father in Heaven, we want to operate in great faith like the centurion. We want to act upon our faith and see the supernatural results we read about in Your Word. Praise Your Holy Name.

READING: Luke 7,8


During the last 3 years of His earthly life, Jesus taught wherever and whenever He could.  In the synagogue, in a boat, in private residences, He told stories and gave examples of how to live. His message was unlike that of the religious leaders of the day.

As we read God’s Word daily, we too become more likely to teach and model the Words of Life that Jesus brought.

PRAYER; Father, I want to be a walkin, talkin Jesus machine. Give me opportunities to witness to others about Your great love.

READING: Luke 5,6

Favored Shepherds

Of all the prominent people available, God chose some lowly, common shepherds to reveal the identity of His Son, Jesus. The angel told the shepherds, “He is the Messiah.”

God often chooses the most unlikely people to whom to reveal His great truths. This is consistent with His focus on ordinary people to make up His Kingdom.

As we navigate this journey of life, let’s not make the mistake of overlooking common, everyday people with whom to share our fellowship. Jesus was no respecter of persons, and neither should we.

PRAYER; Father, forgive me for gravitating to people of significance and people of means. Open my eyes to discover the fruitfulness of fellowship and friendship with ordinary people like the shepherds to whom You revealed Yourself mightily.

READING: Luke 2,3