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Just a few evenings ago a Christian couple with a glowing reputation lost their lives in a tragic car accident. Their daughter had been a valued teacher at TCS.

In the middle of that horror, we pray for comfort from the Holy Spirit for the remaining, grieving family members.

Paul identifies the comfort and mercy depths of God in 2 Cor. 1. It’s the emotional supplement available to us when we experience the pain of life’s trials and challenges. His mercy and sensitivity to our distress is available when we really need it.

Our prayers to the Mayo family.

PRAYER: Father, You’re a good, good father who gives us the comfort we need to endure life. Be with the Mayo family right now. Bring Your comfort through our lives to those around us who are hurting.

READ: 2 Cor. 1-4

Build Up the Church

Paul gives a key to all ministry gifts when he states, “Build up the church.” If we or anyone else see or use our spiritual gifts for self promotion or aggrandizement, we have erred – we are missing the mark.

A healthy self-test is … “do I benefit from my motives or does the Body of Christ benefit? If we puff up at the expense of the spiritual well-being of fellow Christians, we are getting off track.

Love “Seeks not its own.” [1 Cor. 13:5b]

PRAYER: Lord, above all else I desire to put You first, to worship You alone. I don’t worship myself nor my comfort. I want to be selfless like me Lord Jesus Christ.

READ: 1 Cor. 13-16


Paul felt compelled to preach. God prompts us with a compulsion to serve Him in the area He has gifted us. We have been given gifts according to God’s grace that are all released by our faith. Sufficient faith to energize these giftings and callings comes from our personal fellowship and communion with the Lord.

You won’t grow in this faith hanging out in bars or watching inappropriate movies or becoming addicted to cell phone games. It comes through intimate communion with God through His Word and prayer. Your spiritual compulsion will arise.

PRAYER: Father, I want to be effective in Your Kingdom. Open my eyes to see clearly how I can be used by You today.

READ: 1 Cor. 9-12

Honor the Lord with Your Body

Regarding sexual immorality, Paul clarifies that we are not to use the body He gave us to gratify our carnal lusts. God has entrusted each of us with a physical body with which to serve Him. When we use it for immorality, it’s like taking a policeman’s cruiser and joy-riding with it. It is CLEARLY unauthorized use of that vehicle, and prosecution is sure to occur.

Further, we honor the Lord when we keep our minds free from lustful thinking. Jesus commands us to avoid committing adultery in our hearts.

PRAYER: Father, I hereby present my mind and my body to serve You. I was created for Your pleasure and not my own. I look forward to my heavenly reward for honoring and worshiping You.

READ: 1 Cor. 5-8


Wise Builders

Paul was a tent maker. He knew building and used related analogies in his teaching. He challenges teachers to build using quality materials such as gold, silver, and precious stones rather than wood, hay and stubble.

David stated that God’s commandments are more to be desired than gold. [Ps. 19]

Hence, we build using God’s Word as our main building material. It’s eternal.

PRAYER: Father, we honor Your Word. Grace us to hear it everyday and use it for every challenge life presents.

READ: 1 Cor. 1-4

Respecting the Saints

Paul catalogs a long list of saints in his parting comments in Romans 16. It is touching to hear his respect for many listed by name, and his warning about those he considers enemies of the Lord’s work.

The scripture says honor those that fear the Lord, and markedly avoid those who cause division.

PRAYER: Father, because of Your great love to each of us, give us an encouraging love for one another. We honor those who serve You from a pure heart.

READ: Romans 13-16

What We Say (I forgot to publish this post yesterday)

What we say is so important. “With the mouth we profess our faith and are saved.” [Rom. 10:10

Sin comes out of our mouth and is forgiven only when we confess it. [1 John 1:9]

“Let the weak say, ‘I am strong.'” [Joel 3:10]

“For he that will love life, and see good days, let him refrain his tongue from evil, and his lips that they speak no guile:: [1 Pet. 3:10]

PRAYER; Father, give me the grace today to put a guard on my lips so I always say the right thing and not sin with what I say.

READ: Romans 10-12