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A Life of Obedience

God blesses the lives of those who walk in obedience. How to obey is taught primarily in the home. Children all have a nature that needs to be conformed to acceptable standards of behavior. Some children require more “work” than others.

I have lived long enough to observe the fruit of Godly child-rearing. When children are taught to respect authority and become obedient to what’s required of them, they will be more likely to cultivate healthy homes of their own.

The Christian home can provide children with the blessings of heaven.

PRAYER: Father, give us the grace to train and teach children who show forth the principles of Your Kingdom. Your ways are higher than ours. Families who observe Your ways walk in blessing and favor that brings glory to You.

READ: Deut. 23-26

Good Neighbors

The law stated that if you found your neighbor’s donkey or ox straying, or his [car] broken down by the side of the road, you are to do your best to help him … keep his ox, help fix his car etc. Implied was a standard of neighborly courtesy and care that cemented a family feel among the Israelites.

Relationships in the body of Christ are often closer than those of blood relatives. God’s people look out for each other. When the neighbor is not Christian, it becomes servant evangelism.

PRAYER: Lord, we want to be Your hands of love and service extended. Open our eyes to see opportunities to reach out and show Your love and care.

READ: Deut. 20-22

Leadership Recommendations

The requirements Moses stated for kings and leaders make sound advice for Christian leaders today. They were not to seek undue personal gain, or consider themselves above their constituents. They were to frequently read the law so they could execute the Lord’s will on a consistent basis.

Violation of these principles make leaders targets for criticism or decaying respect.


PRAYER: Father, we lift up the leaders You have placed among us, and ask that You guide them and inspire them to remain faithful to You in all the little things that constitute a life of integrity.

READ: Deut. 17-19

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Generous to the Poor

In the culture God gave to Israel, He commanded them to be open-handed (generous) to the poor. An open hand is liberal. A closed hand with-holds and seeks its own good above those in need.

Caring for the poor is lending to the Lord, and you will be well repaid. [Pr. 19:17]

PRAYER: Lord, You have been so generous to us. Let us see ways we can likewise be generous to those in need around us. We don’t want to shut off Your blessings.

READ: Deut. 13-16

Don’t Eat the Blood

It occurred to me that there is a preoccupation with blood sucking “werewolves,” bloody “walking dead,” and vampires in our current society. This smacks clean against what the Lord commanded His people … “Don’t eat the blood.”

The life is in the blood. Christ’s blood is the blood we are to be focused upon. It is represented in The Lord’s Supper when we take communion.

PRAYER: Lord, we thank You for shedding Your blood. It gives life because of the cleansing from sin. There’s life in Your blood. There’s life in Your name.

READ: Deut. 11, 12


Moses was so grieved at the rebellion of the Israelites that he spent 40 days in fasting and prayer … much of it lying prostrate before the Lord. God had even wanted to kill Aaron, but Moses interceded.

Taking up the prayer burden for those who have fallen away is a noble thing. When mere spoken words cannot penetrate resistant hearts, prayer can.  Moses proved it.

PRAYER: Father, hear our cries for those we love who are not close to You. Draw them near. Speak to their hearts, because they don’t seem to hear us. In the name of Jesus.

READ: Deut. 8-10

The Perfect Culture

God spoke to Israel directly from the fire on Mt. Horeb the commandments He wanted them to live by. He promised that it would “Go well with (them)” if they would observe these precepts continually.

Mankind, of course, falls miserably short, and thereby never fully enjoys the perfect culture God offered … until Christ Jesus came to fulfill the law.

Flawed vessels (us) once again have a chance to exist in the culture of Heaven if we will allow Christ to live in and through us. He is the Perfect One. We are the imperfect ones.

Heaven on earth.

PRAYER: Lord, we live each day in humility and gratitude because of Your sacrifice on the cross. We praise You. You are perfect. We want to live in Your ways, in Your culture.

READ: Deut. 5-7