Monthly Archives: July 2015

King of Kings

Since Christ Jesus is given this title, He is placed in authority over ALL KINGS AND LEADERS of the world.  His Heavenly Father, the Creator of all, has given Him this position.

This elevates Him above the world leaders we hear of in the news on a daily basis.  Whether they realize it or not, they are subject to Him.

Just as the pastors (angels) of the 7 churches in Revelation were in the hands of the Lord, so are the world’s rulers.  Our prayers can have impact on their lives.

When we are tempted to criticize and complain, we can simply go to our Heavenly Father in prayer and give Him something to work on.

DAILY PRAYER:  Father, act upon our prayers today to bring about Your glorious plan for the end of the age.  We trust You to direct the kings of the earth to accomplish Your will.


We Are His People

Christ came to purchase us with His life and blood.  Our welfare and defense then became His responsibility.   His acts of war, as described in the book of the Revelation, have much to do with avenging the blood of His people.

Ultimately, we will live with Him forever in His Heaven, but we must never fail to realize His loving, protective hand upon us.  We are His Bride.

I am my Beloved’s and He is mine.

DAILY PRAYER:  Lord, I will live this day being mindful that I don’t belong to myself.  I belong to You.  I will conduct myself as one of Your people.

DAILY READING:  Rev. 15,16

Patient Endurance and Faithfulness

These are the elements recommended by John the writer of the Revelation for true saints to possess as the end time events unfold.

When reading the Revelation, one can give up and say, “I just don’t understand what it really means.”

Whether we understand it or not, this advice is do-able. The key is living a life that is FULL of the Lord, His Spirit, and His Word.  Our daily refilling of His presence will cause us to overcome every obstacle.  Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.

DAILY PRAYER:  Lord, I am grateful for Your promises and Your commitment to KEEP us.  Fill me with Your power today so I can be a faithful witness.

DAILY READING:  Rev. 13,14

Our Accuser

The devil, Satan, described in Revelation as a fiery red dragon, is also called the Accuser.  He stood before God day and night accusing us and trying to take away our hope.  Yet, we can overcome him by the blood of Jesus, the Lamb, and the bold proclamation of the truth of Christ.

Each day is an opportunity to be bold witnesses for Christ.  We should be offensive minded, and leave the defense to the Lord.  Our accuser is no match for the power of the gospel.

DAILY PRAYER:  Lord, help me to be a bold witness today.  I trust You to impact the lives of those I meet today.  Move by Your Spirit.

DAILY READING:  Revelation 10-12

The Resources of Heaven

Fire, smoke, brimstone, wind, scorpions, locusts … heaven has many resources available to be used as weapons against God’s foes.  He has angel armies simply described as ten thousand times ten thousand (100,000,000) which is powerful considering two angels can overcome ten thousand men.  There is no earthly force or army that has a chance against God’s Heavenly Host.

As we consider His great power, we are awed and comforted that He loves us, and is preparing a home in heaven with Him.

We will be dressed in white.

DAILY PRAYER:  Father in Heaven, You have allowed for us to overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.  We testify of Your greatness.  We trust Your keeping power.


Who Can Stand Against the Lord?

When the Lord gets ready to usher in the millennial reign, He will reveal His wrath upon all who have resisted Him.  All the rulers of the earth will be looking for places to hide from Him, but they won’t find relief.  We can get so rattled when we see around us so much resistance to God’s ways.  We should realize that even the kings of the earth are on a leash and its in His hand.

Bow (worship) now and stand (victoriously) later, or stand now (resisting the Lord) and bow (in fear) later.

DAILY PRAYER:  Lord, forgive us for forgetting the fate of Your enemies.  We trust the future to You, and will honor You and Your ways everyday.


Holy Living Will Be Rewarded

John, the one to whom the Revelation was given, saw saints who had not “defiled their clothing.”  This refers to holy living.  They were dressed in white clothing and walked with The Lamb for all to see.  THIS is what I call an open reward.

Presently, the open rewards appear to be to those who think only of themselves.  God, however, is watching and waiting for the day when He will hand out the eternal rewards.  They will validate those who believed His promises, resisted the temptation to appease their flesh, and were sustained by His empowering grace.

Hold on!

DAILY PRAYER:  Lord, I want to walk with You in white.  Let Your holiness saturate my life.