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More Words – Less Meaning

I know a man who prefers to use smaller, more concise sentences to express himself. I listen to every word. I know others who keep talking as if they love to hear the sound of their voice. Guess what … they many times lose me.

Solomon said it this way … “The more the words, the less the meaning, and how does that profit anyone?” [Ecc. 6:11]

David commented that they may think, “With our tongue will we prevail.” [Ps. 12:4]

Jesus said we would give account of every idle word.

PRAYER: Father in Heaven, teach me to be an accurate, effective communicator. Help me realize how meaningless too much talk is.

READING: Ecc. 4-6



Enjoy Your Work

Solomon arrived at the conclusion … apart from an existence rooted in God, everything is meaningless. By his confession, he experienced everything his heart desired, but found it all meaningless without God.

Yet, with God’s presence in his life, he stated that one can be gifted to find true satisfaction and fulfillment. With God’s presence, every menial task can take on a whole new meaning and focus, that of pleasing God with it. [Ecc.3:13]

Paul said, “Do everything heartily as unto the Lord.”  [Col. 3:23]

PRAYER: Father, give me spiritual eyes to see my daily tasks as opportunities to please You. You have gifted me with life, and I will return praise to You through my diligence.

READING: Ecc. 1-3

Hard-Working, Virtuous Women

Proverbs 31 clarifies the many abilities and qualities of virtuous women. In essence, they do all the extra things that make a house a true home, raising Godly children not the least of which. I’m extremely grateful that I married one of them, and that her daughters have turned out like her.

Husbands, one of our jobs is to praise her. Often, that is the only open reward she receives. Let’s not be slack on our part.

PRAYER: Father, in Your great wisdom, you equipped women with hard-working grit and faithfulness that holds the family together. Bless them with health and joy. We thank You for them.

READING: Pr. 30,31

Mere Words

As a private school administrator, I learned a long time ago, it takes more than just a “talking to” for wayward students to correct their ways. I remember talking for one whole morning to a young man who went out and committed his offense again after the lecture.

In the Amplified Bible, Proverbs 29:19 says, “A servant will not be corrected by words alone; For though he understands, he will not respond [nor pay attention].”

There must be negative consequences added to the words.

If you are a parent bringing correction, ask yourself,”What is an appropriate consequence for my child to suffer to learn their lesson well?”

PRAYER: Father in Heaven, enlighten me to know exactly what penalty to impose upon whomever I am correcting.

READING: Pr. 28,29

The Benefit of Proverbs

It has been said, “The Psalms are a Christian on his knees (dealing with issues of worship,prayer, and the condition of the heart) and the Proverbs are a Christian on his feet (dealing with relationships, work ethics, attitudes about life in general.)”

A healthy season of spiritual development would be to read (or sing) through five Psalms a day and read one Proverb a day. In a month, you complete a cycle.

Another healthy spiritual discipline is to read the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5-7, periodically to stay close to Christ’s concentrated teachings.

PRAYER: Father, thank You for Your Word that gives us instruction on life. We will hide it in our heart so we don’t sin against You.

READING: Pr. 25-27



How brutal, how crude and barbaric is the practice of murdering infants in the womb. The Lord foresaw the abortion movement we now see in our country, little ones “drawn to death … ready to be slain.” [Pr. 24:11]

His challenge is to godly saints to speak up and rescue them. Your first step can be a prayer. It’s what I did in 1988. His leading galvanized my position of protecting the unborn.

PRAYER: Father of mercy, Giver and Author of life, show me what I CAN DO about the travesty of abortion.

READING: Pr. 22-24

Overlooking Offenses

It’s natural to get bent out of shape when someone does you wrong. It’s not godly, though.

A key proverb is to pass over another’s insulting behavior . “A person with good sense is patient, and it is to his credit that he overlooks an offense.” [Pr. 19:11]

Be the godly one and rise above carnal reaction.

PRAYER: Father, give me the grace to be a forgiving, persevering individual. I want to honor You in my conduct, especially when my pride is tested.

READING: Pr. 19-21