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Forbidden Fruit

We still contend with the nature we inherited from Adam … wanting what we can’t have and resenting it when we get it.

God’s design is that He will provide ALL that we truly need if we’ll let Him.

His provision comes through trust and faith … and waiting. If we wait for God, He will answer and provide. If we want what we want when we want it, we take it and take to our self trouble.

Adam and Eve were driven out of the garden because of this.

PRAYER: Father, teach us to trust You for all we need. Your way is the best way. Our way brings grief and separation.

READ: Gen. 1-3

Robes Washed Clean

John clarified that only those who washed their robes could enter the New Jerusalem. In comparing all English translations of this verse, the other common translation was that they kept the Lord’s commandments.

Regardless, the robes speak of our lives and the necessary ingredient to keep ourselves clean is the Word of God.

What is the dirt that keeps people out? “But outside the city will be (people who live like dogs), witches, immoral people, murderers, idol worshipers, and everyone who loves to tell lies and do wrong.” [Rev. 22:15, CEV]

PRAYER: Lord, we want to gain access to the New Jerusalem. Give us the grace to cleanse ourselves from every stain of sin by Your blood. We want to live holy lives.

READ: Rev. 21,22

We have finished. Sorry it took a few days longer than one year. Next year we will make the necessary adjustment to our reading schedule.

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The Lamb’s Book of Life

Whoever’s name is not found in this book is cast into the Lake of Fire to burn, day and night forever. This is how important it is to be found IN this book.

Motivation such as this moved William Booth to start the Salvation Army. He labored to bring souls to Christ.

You and I will see people in a different light when we take seriously their fate if they reject Christ. They ALL need a Savior.

PRAYER: Father, forgive us for not having the needed compassion to witness to our friends who don’t know You. Empower us afresh by the Holy Ghost.

READ: Rev. 19,20  (Listen to these chapters from the NIV Dramatized,  for a moving experience in God’s Word)

Babylon is Fallen

Mystery Babylon, the symbol in the book of Revelation for the false religious system in the world, will fall in one hour. God’s Word will come to pass and judgement upon the false religions will result in their destruction by fire.

“Come out of her” is the admonition by the voice from heaven.

Although we don’t know exactly what city she is, we know we are to separate ourselves from all falsity and religion that does not recognize Jesus as Lord.

True worshipers worship God in Spirit and Truth. God inhabits your praise. You KNOW you have connected with Him.

PRAYER: Lord, You alone deserve our praise. We will worship only You. Be exalted as we sing and praise Your name. We will praise You all day long.

READ: Rev. 17,18

Don’t Receive the Mark

Christians are warned not to take the Mark of the Beast. Those who do will taste of God’s full wrath. We are to abide in “patient endurance,” keeping God’s commands and resting in the faith Jesus gives us through His Word and His Presence. Herein is another prime reason to daily be in God’s Word.

Those who have the mark will worship the Beast. Those who worship only Jesus and refuse to bow to all else are safe.

We don’t yet know what the mark is, but we full well know how to worship Jesus.

PRAYER: Lord, our supreme desire is to worship You and be faithful to the end. 

READ: Rev. 13-16

The Time Has Come …

Mentioned in chapter 10 is a time when Christians are to begin receiving their reward.  Their endurance is over. Their goal is achieved.

Paul said, “Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, nor has it yet entered into the heart of man the things God has prepared for them that love Him.”

Those who seek their ultimate reward in this life have settled for far less than what God has prepared. We are wise to put our investments into the heavenlies, not here on earth.

PRAYER: Father, give us wisdom to look ahead to the reward You have planned for us. By the power of Your Holy Spirit, help us endure to the end.

READ: Rev. 10-12

Hardened by Sin

John the Revelator describes an element of mankind who endure God’s wrath and signs in the earth, yet remain callous and hardened to Him. They continue on in their sin with no regard for what’s right. They are blinded to the truth.

Jesus addressed the scoffers of His day as being of their father, the devil.

Only God truly knows what is in the heart of man. Our job, however, is to continue loving them and witnessing to them of God’s great plan of redemption. Those who show mercy will reap mercy.

PRAYER: Lord, we sometimes gasp in wonder at those who are so entrenched in their sin. Continue to let Your love flow through us to them. Break up the bonds of sin and open their eyes to the Truth.

READ: Rev. 7-9