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Avoiding Tragedy

Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus, made many consequential decisions based upon the angel visits in dreams he experienced. For instance, it was in a dream that he was made aware that Herod would try to kill the baby Jesus. So, he and Mary were instructed to flee to Egypt. Were not the angels of Heaven capable to defend the young couple and their newborn from an evil king? Surely, and yet God arranges for them to avoid the tragedy by fleeing. Sadly, Herod had all the baby boys in Bethlehem slaughtered to try to include Jesus who had fled. What a tragedy! It seems so unfair that those undeserving children would be robbed of a life. (Millions of innocent babies have been murdered through abortion)

Yet, God had a plan for Jesus to fulfill. All children BELONG TO GOD. Their eternal fate is in His hands alone. He directs our lives like He did that of Joseph, Mary, and Jesus. To fully realize our destiny, we obey His commands and directions for life, even if they come through an angel in a dream.

READ/HEAR: Matthew 1,2

Only Jesus

Two of the Lord’s followers encountered Jesus unknowingly on their way to Emmaus after His resurrection. He explained how scripture had predicted all the events of His life in a way they had never seen before. It took the presence of Jesus in their lives before they could truly understand scripture.

Likewise, it is necessary for the Lord’s presence by His Holy Spirit for us to fully understand what God fully wants us to know. In effect, those without God’s working in their lives don’t see Christ as He truly is. The people who walk in darkness need to come to the Great Light an then begin seeing the revelations hidden in the Word.

It’s critical for the lost to come to Christ through salvation. They need to be brought out of darkness.

READ/HEAR: Luke 23,24

Great Earthquakes

Atlanta experienced a 4.4 earthquake last night, the strongest is 45 years.. I was just finishing my devotional post when the house began shaking and rattling. It sounded louder than my wife’s usual morning shower commotion.

As a young college student working in an engineering firm for the summer, I experienced an earthquake in Columbus, Ohio, while sitting at a drafting table on the 10th floor of an office building. I remember the rattling and movement. This was the same.

Jesus predicted that great earthquakes would happen in the end times. It’s time for us to live with a view to the end … whatever we can do for the Lord and His Kingdom needs to be done. The earthquake is a sign and we are wise to heed it.

READ/HEAR: Luke 21,22

All are Alive

The religious leaders of Jesus’ day tried to trip Him up continually. They posed questions designed to diffuse His reputation among the people. One such riddle had to do with marriage, at which time Christ made it clear that in Heaven, there will be no marriage. Then, He used this point to explain that to God, all are alive … even if their body is dead, God is aware of their being and is responsible for their eternal fate. The dead are merely sleeping (soul sleep).

Because so much is at stake, we who are alive and know the Lord must be obedient to His command to tell the Gospel to all. They will be eternally alive. Where will they spend eternity? Heaven or hell.

READ/HEAR: Luke 19,20

Pray Often

Luke 18 is a discourse on the power of persistent prayer. Jesus used the time expression “day and night.” He clearly identified crying out to God as the opposite of giving up.

Whatever our challenge is, we are hereby advised to make it a matter of persistent prayer. God responds to the faithful petitioning of His people. It’s as if His master scheme is to cultivate within us a strong dependency upon Him, that we should call out to Him for EVERYTHING.

Jesus said, “Apart from Me, you can do NOTHING.”

READ/HEAR: Luke 17,18

Role Reversal

Luke 16 tells the story of a rich man who died and went to hell where he suffered torment. Conversely, a beggar named Lazarus also died and wound up in Abraham’s Bosom, the paradise that Jesus referred to as He addressed the dying thief on the cross. Both men had their fates reversed … torment after luxury and eternal bliss replacing poverty.

As we navigate THIS LIFE, we are unwise if we set our goals as temporal treasures. Rather than seeking to accumulate, we should seek to disperse and give. In doing so, Jesus made it clear that we are laying up FOR OURSELVES, treasures in Heaven.

“Live to give!”

READ/HEAR: Luke 15,16

The Coming Feast

Everyone loves a good dinner. Jesus referred to a coming feast in the hereafter where distinctions will be made to reward those who were faithful to His teachings and principles. He said, “The first shall be last and the last shall be first.” He seemed to indicate that prominence would be reversed … the nobodies would be somebodies etc. He encouraged seeking to serve rather than to be served … giving rather than receiving … humility rather than pride. Being Christlike is to put others ahead of yourself.

READ/HEAR: Luke 13,14