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Not By Might

God delivered Joash and the army of Judah into the hands of a much smaller army simply because He was displeased with Judah’s sin. Joash had the son of the High Priest murdered.

If God is for you, He can use little and make it great. If He is against you, the much you have will seem little.

Actually, God loves to use little and show His power. Paul said, “I will rather glory in my infirmities that the power of Christ may rest upon me.”

PRAYER: Lord, to You belongs all the power and the glory. I humbly yield my life to You to use as You see fit.

READ: 2 Chron. 24-26

Power Struggles

P.S. I don’t know why the devos became published out of order. It is now 1:50 a.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2018

Athaliah was the daughter of Ahab and murdered every potential heir to the throne to eliminate competition. She ruled as Ahab did … in evil.

One of her sons, Joash, had been spared, protected, and hidden, unknown to her. When he was revealed as the rightful king, she cried “Treason, treason.” As unjustified as she was, she still attempted to illegitimize the rightful heir of power through her own insidious grab for power and slanderous accusations.

Everyone who wants power does not deserve it.

PRAYER; Father in Heaven, protect and fortify Your chosen leaders. Give them the courage and humility to stay faithful to their rightful appointment.

READ: 2 Chron. 21-23

The Battle is Not Yours

Because King Jehoshaphat inquired of the Lord, putting Him first in his cry for help, God made their defense from opposing armies His concern. He told them, “This battle is not yours, it’s Mine.”

We can apply that same principle to the challenges we receive in our lives. Cancer, depression, financial woes, impossible situations … they can be God’s battles too. Reaching out to Him in prayer and trust is the key.

PRAYER: Lord, You are my Healer, my Deliverer, my financial Advisor, my Counselor. I will trust in You in spite of the challenges I see before me.

READ: 2 Chron. 19, 20

Good Health: God or Medicine

King Asa had a disease in his feet. Scripture says he sought help from physicians and not from the Lord. He began well, but turned away from God in his old age.

Here is my opinion … ALWAYS seek the Lord first about health issues. As with anything, God wants us to put Him first. Then, seek medical help.

Jesus Himself said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.” [Mark 2:17]

Our dependency should be upon the Lord rather than doctors or medicine. However, it’s not wrong to consult the medical community for what they can offer, after we have expressed our faith in God.

I see three factors: firstly, we pray and ask God for help, then we seek medical assistance, and then we do all we can to help the process.

PRAYER: Lord, our hope and trust is in You. We are grateful for the healing discoveries medicine has made to help us live healthier.

READ: 2 Chron. 16-18

Learning the Difference

God responded when Rehoboam humbled himself before the Lord after being threatened by an enemy. He did not allow the enemy to destroy the people, but set them up in submission to teach them a lesson … what it’s like when you don’t honor the Lord with your decisions.

The way of a transgressor is hard, whereas God orders the steps of a righteous man. There is a difference. We are wise to learn quickly and early that serving God is a blessed life.

PRAYER: Father, forgive us for our wanderings. By Your grace, we will learn the lessons of life and submit all to You.

READ: 2 Chron. 10-12

A Busy King

Solomon must have had much energy to go with the wisdom God gave him. Not only did he keep up the priesthood system of sacrifices, build a new temple and palace, restore cities, maintain an elite army, but he amassed gold and horses and slaves and instituted a regal lifestyle that was like none other in the earth. The Queen of Sheba had never seen anything like it.

It was as if he possessed a holy energy.

New Testament Christians receive God’s grace to be energized for His Kingdom.

“For it is God Himself Who is at work in you, both to will and do of His good pleasure.” [Phil. 2:13]

PRAYER: Lord, we want to be busy for You, empowered daily by Your grace and led by the wisdom of Your Spirit.

READ: 2 Chron. 7-9

Hear From Heaven

Within Solomon’s prayer, a frequently mentioned expression is, “Hear from heaven.” His prayer was the communicating link between where he was and where God was.

We have this link available to us. The Lord is as near as the mention of His name. Heaven is close by. We usually don’t realize it.

PRAYER: Father, we cry out to You. Hear our prayer. Forgive our sin. Cleanse us. Renew us. Cause us to walk in the light of Your glory everyday.

READ: 2 Chron. 4-6