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A Life of Miracles

God’s miraculous power seemed to always be on display through the life of Elisha. After healing Naaman of leprosy, Elisha refused to take the man’s generous gift of gratitude. Elisha’s servant, however, had eyes for the gift that he might profit. After deceitfully taking the gift in secret, he was called out by the prophet and punitively afflicted with leprosy.

The moral … maintain a focus and appetite for God’s power to be of benefit to all rather than looking out for self by seeking personal gain. Elisha’s ministry continued to prosper. The servant’s effectiveness ceased.

PRAYER: Lord, we want You, Your power, Your provision. We trust You to provide for our needs as we move on in obedience to Your will.

READING: 2 Kings 4-6



Bring Me a Harpist

The prophet Elisha understood the benefit of having a minstrel play to cultivate an atmosphere in which he could prophesy. He promptly foretold the victory God’s people would have in battle that day.

Many churches cultivate an atmosphere for the Lord’s Spirit with musical instruments. Although not currently popular, I remember the piano and organ playing before a service would begin to prepare an atmosphere of worship for church attenders. God loves to hear music directed to Him.

PRAYER: Father, we will sing play instruments unto You because You have been so good to us.

READING: 2 Kings 1,3

A Leadership No No

Ahab used his influence and favor as king to rob and take advantage of Naboth when stealing his vineyard. King David no doubt used his clout when he stole Uriah’s wife, Bathsheba.

Leaders are not above the law and should not use authority as a license to steal or profit unjustly. There will be a price to pay. God is the Judge of all.

PRAYER: Father, may we conduct ourselves in exemplary fashion so as not to bring reproach upon Your Name because of our self-serving devices.

READING: 1 Kings 21,22

Circumstances Surrounding Great Revelation

Elijah was running for his life. Jezebel had threatened to kill him the next day. He ran to Mt. Horeb, God’s mountain, and was hiding there.

There in the hour of his greatest fear and directly associated with the trial he was facing, God revealed Himself to the prophet in a supernatural way. Elijah heard God’s Voice.

What is the occasion for your greatest fear. Listen for God’s Voice THERE.

PRAYER: Lord, in the hour of our greatest fear and greatest trial, reveal Yourself to us as Delilver and Victory. We accept nothing less.

READING: 1 Kings 19,20

God’s Method of Provision

God is a provider. That’s what Jehovah-Jireh means … God is our provider.

He is not limited to natural methods of provision ie. the rain to grow crops to produce food. He can also supernaturally provide food such as the time when Elijah prayed and the widow at Zarephath saw her oil and meal supply miraculously be sustained by the Lord’s sovereign power.

Rain was the natural provision; a bottomless grain sack and oil jar were supernatural, spiritual provisions. They all come as free gifts from the God Who promises to provide.

PRAYER: Lord, You have always been our helper and provider. We are grateful. We are dependent. You supply ALL our needs according to Your riches in glory.

READING: 1 Kings 17,18

Regime Changes

Many different men were offered the chance to rule either Israel or Judah. Often the “swamp was drained” resulting in the elimination of any future competition. God watched very closely these leadership campaigns and rewarded them according to his righteous benchmark, David. ¬†Asa was one of the the best… Ahab the worst.

When leaders choose to follow the Lord’s ways, they are making a very wise decision that will help seal a positive legacy for their name.

PRAYER: Father, by Your grace, empower leaders to put You first … we especially pray that our nation would follow You and thereby reap rewards of blessing and fruitfulness in the coming days.

READING: 1 Kings 14-16


This is the word God used to describe how David served Him as opposed to Solomon’s partial surrender to God’s ways. It showed up when God raised up enemies to buffet Israel while Solomon was king.

When a man’s ways please the Lord, even his enemies are at peace with him. [Pr. 16:7]

PRAYER: Lord, what a marvelous goal … that I would have peace on all sides because my ways please You. Grace me to walk in this completeness.

READING: 1 Kings 12,13