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Obey God

The lamenting Prophet, Jeremiah, said the solution to life is easy … obey God. The life master that you feed the most will be the strongest voice. Study of God’s word, prayer, fellowship with the Saints, these are ways to build up the spirit man. Whereas indulging in activities that feed our self-pleasing nature empower the carnal man

He becomes the stronger and usually wins the spiritual struggle.

“Trust and obey for there’s no other way to be happy on Jesus.”

PRAYER: Lord, forgive us for our wanderings. Let us more clearly hear you voice of direction as we navigate every day. We want You.

READING: Jer. 7,8

Deal honestly

The prophet said that God would roam the streets of Jerusalem, looking for merchants who dealt honestly. God is still looking today for those who will deal honestly from their hearts in everything they do. If so, they will receive God’s blessing and support. If not, they run the risk of his judgments in the end. God doesn’t always pay on Friday but he always pays.

PRAYER: father we want our ways to please you and everything. From the heart we want to serve you with honesty and integrity.

READING:  Jer. 5,6


The prophet Jeremiah’s message to the children of Israel and Judah, return to the Lord and his unfailing love will accept you back. How often our lives end up displeasing the Lord, but His enduring, eternal love to us through Christ keeps beckoning, “Return, come back to Me and I will restore you.”

Amazing love, how can it be that Christ would die for me.


READING: Jeremiah 3,4

God Has A Plan

God has a plan for your life just like He did for Jeremiah. God told Jeremiah, “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.” It’s the same with you. You might not be called to be a prophet to the nations, but God has a plan for you to fulfill. You have great significance, and the only way for you to fully realize your value is to give your life entirely to God’s purposes and trust Him by faith to lead you as He did Jeremiah.

PRAYER: Father in Heaven, You chose to dwell with us and work in our lives by Your precious Holy Spirit. Speak to us, lead us, and use us like You did Jeremiah and the great men and women of the Bible.

READING: Jeremiah 1,2

The New Jerusalem

God’s Holy Mountain in Jerusalem will always be the focal point of His eternal reign. [Ps. 132:14] It will be the authority center of His dominion when Christ sets up His ultimate rule there. It is prophesied to be the “Joy of the whole earth.”

In the same way, Christ brings joy and newness to those who accept Him as their Savior and King. “Old things are passed away, behold all things are become new.” [2 Cor. 5:17]

PRAYER: Father in Heaven, we live in humble anticipation of Your reign here on earth. We prepare ourselves for that day by living each day directed by Your Spirit and worshiping You with all our hearts.

READING: Is. 65,66

I Will Not Be Quiet

I am going to apply a double meaning to these words from Isaiah, chapter 62.

First, I will not be silent in letting my voice of prayer be heard in the Heavenlies. I will cry out to God until He has His way in the earth.

Secondly, I will not be silent when I should be witnessing about Him to everyone. I will open my mouth to praise Him and witness to the world about His great salvation.

PRAYER: Father in Heaven, give me the boldness of the Holy Ghost to be a witness to everyone I come in contact with. Your Gospel is Good News.

READING: Is. 61-64

He’s Coming Again!

One of the most vivid memories I will carry with me from my trip to the Holy Land was standing on the Mount of Olives and considering Christ’s path from where He splits the mountain and makes His victorious way across the Kidron Valley and through the Eastern Gate into Jerusalem.

What is to be our response? As the prophet declared, “Arise, shine, for thy Light is come.” The glory of the Lord is risen upon us. We will become the city Christ dwells in. We, the Church, are His intended destination.

PRAYER: Lord, we live in expectant anticipation of Your return to this earth. We hereby dedicate our lives and energies to serving You in whatever way we can. Give us a jobto do to bring about Your return.

READING: Is. 59,60