God’s Omniscience, Omnipresence

The author of Psalm 139 gives scripture’s clearest explanation of our omniscient, omnipresent God. That God is everywhere at the same time and knows every detail about anything or anyone who ever existed is waaaaay beyond our understanding. Again I use the analogy of a book … that God has the ability to see everything before Him as one does in a book … He can turn to any page in time, anywhere, at His discretion. He knows what HAS ALREADY happened and what WILL happen.

“What is man that Thou art mindful of him?”

READ/LISTEN; Ps. 131-139

Unfailing Love

Sadly, our love is usually conditional. Even a mother betimes loses hope for wayward children, but not so with God. In fact, he loved us while we were yet in our sin.

Speak of disappointment … compound ALL the world’s people and consider ALL their failings, and yet God’s unfailing love still transmits to them through His Son, Christ Jesus.

We have a friend Who sticks closer than a brother. Cast ALL your cares upon Him because He cares for you.

READ/LISTEN: Ps. 120-130

Mind Control

It’s often said, “Have anĀ open mind.” The truth is, too many open minds need to be closed for repairs.

Ps. 119, among many other scripture passages, encourages meditation upon God’s commands. Ever see a cow chewing its cud? That’s what we should do with scripture. We wonder what the cow is getting from what it’s chewing, but whatever is available, it will get it.

Meditation upon God’s Word will insure success and prosperity. Just read Joshua 1:8.



Life gets difficult at times. When we don’t know which way is up, we feel overcome. We find in the Bible testimonies of God’s faithfulness during these periods of challenge.

Noah’s world was overcome with water, yet God had instructed him to build an ark. The Children of Israel were essentially overcome with the Red Sea when they marched through, yet they stayed dry and safe. Imagine Daniel when he was thrown into a den of hungry Lions … that was an overwhelming moment. The three Hebrew boys who were thrown into a fiery furnace were swallowed up by a seemingly sure death, yet they were joined by One Who appeared as the Son of God.

Regardless of what you’re facing, God is with you and wants to deliver you from being overcome by defeat. When you’re through your challenge, you will be called an “Ovecomer.”

READ/LISTEN: Ps. 114-118

The Eternal Covenant

Forever is a LONG TIME. However, everything God does has eternal consequences because He is eternal. We don’t think that way. We think beginning and process and end. The Psalmist, in his limited understanding, referred to an agreement between God and man that would last forever, and hence, would imply that God is therefore worthy of an eternal commitment of praise. In a sense, our present praises are recorded and will echo through the heavens forever.

For the worshiper, this is added incentive to ramp up the volume and intensity of praise. Do sound waves ever completely decay?

If an audio of the sum total of all our words here on earth is replayed at our judgement, wouldn’t it be great if much of it is praise?

READ/LISTEN: Ps. 109-113

Heart Control

The Psalms give powerful insights into controlling the heart. Identified therein is the penalty for feeding its off-limits lusts [Ps. 106:15], and the reward of its obedience to God’s commands [Ps. 108:1,13].

We are directed to “guard our heart, for out of it are all the issues of life.” Simple heart decisions can determine the success or failure of a marriage, the outcome of an IRS investigation, the avoidance of a vehicle accident, and the reward of a financial investment.

When our hearts fail us, and they ALWAYS WILL, we turn to Christ Who is the “strength of our heart and (our) portion forever.” [Ps. 73:26]

READ/LISTEN: Ps. 106-108

Make Known Among the Nations

The Psalmist often refers to the outreach praise needs to accomplish. He instructs us to get out among the nations and proclaim God’s greatness.

In 1978 or so, I was deeply moved with this challenge. I asked members of our church’s worship team if they would consider a summer trip to Europe to do this. Nothing ever came of it … then.

I was asked in 1993 to become the leader of a Bible college music group called “Living Praise.” Within months of accepting this opportunity, I found myself in Europe traveling and singing God’s praises every night with 20 other musicians from the school.

The Lord gives us a vision to accomplish His will, and then He Himself works out a plan to make it happen for us.

He will do it all if you let Him.

READ/LISTEN: Ps. 103-105