Stay Ready for Christ’s Return

Jesus carefully explained in His teachings that we are to guard from misguided affections and faithfully do His will on earth while we have opportunity. A full, long life is NOTHING compared to eternity. Our labor is to be directed toward furthering the Gospel and living to give rather than accumulate.

The vain accumulating of earthly goods can only get you into trouble. First, we are required to be good stewards of what we own. Second, finding places to store it all gets expensive. (Now is a good time to be in the storage business)

Ask yourself. “Do I own this or does this own me?”

READ/HEAR: Luke 12

Teach Us to Pray

This was the request of the disciples of Jesus.

I haven’t met many saints who say, “I am a student of prayer.” And yet, what activity has the potential to change the course of history like prayer?

I heard a Bible teacher who specializes in prayer say it takes two years of teaching on prayer for a church to fully implement it in their function.

Dr. David Cho built the largest megachurch in the world on prayer.

Christ was our teacher and model. He spent much of his time in prayer, alone.

“Lord, teach us to pray.”

READ/HEAR: Luke 11

The Better Part

Mary, Martha and Lazarus were dear friends of Jesus. On one occasion, Martha was busy serving her guests while Mary was choosing rather to just be with Jesus. Martha criticized Mary to Christ, but Jesus identified Mary’s activity as being the essential thing to do … worship the Messiah. He said “It won’t be taken away from her.”

Serving wasn’t wrong. When it was substituted for worship and deemed more important, it became an idol. The key … keep in the Lord’s presence constantly and do whatever you do as worship. It has eternal value.

READ/LISTEN: Luke 9,10

Miracles Abounded

Whenever Jesus went somewhere, miracles happened. Dead were raised, the sick were healed, the demon-possessed were set free. He taught and modeled God’s love to the people and was frequently accompanied by a large crowd of people seeking to see God’s power unleashed.

Too often, we settle for un-miraculous lives. We rarely read the Gospel accounts of the life of Jesus which are packed with the supernatural things He did.  Upon reading these accounts, our faith is stirred and our appetite for more of Christ’s power is increased.

Our Bible reading diet probably needs an adjustment which includes more accounts of Christ’s miracles here on earth. This generation needs to see a demonstration of God’s power.


I Am Willing

One day a leper approached Jesus and immediately fell to his knees in humility and begged the Lord to heal him. He said, “Lord, if You are willing, I can be clean.” Jesus replied in the affirmative, “I am willing.” As He touched the man, he was made clean from his leprosy.

Two elements were present … faith and humility. He KNEW Jesus could do it. He didn’t demand that Jesus do it. He honored the Lord in a posture of worship.

I know as a parent, I didn’t respond well to my children demanding that their supper be on the table or that I immediately go to the store and buy them what they wanted. I was willing, but their posture of humility brought their request sooner and with less drama.


The Price of Truth

John, the baptist, was a bold voice who spoke whatever he felt God wanted him to say. Many would come out of the cities of Judah to hear him and be baptized. He, no doubt, had a large following and strong reputation. Then, he took aim at Herod, openly criticizing him for taking his brother’s wife as his own. Fot this, he was put in prison and eventually lost his head. He paid a dear price for speaking the truth.

We are instructed to speak the truth … yes … but in a spirit of love.



Simeon had been waiting in the temple to see the coming Messiah. On the day that Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus actually entered, he began speaking, inspired by the Holy Spirit, of the greatness of the child and His mission. Can we imagine what it must have been like to finally see the One Simeon had been patiently waiting for. All the anticipation of a lifetime was culminated in a few moments of destiny.

Simeon gives us a good example of what our lives should be … also waiting for the return of Christ. Until that moment, we have been given grace to be faithful to stay close to God’s house and His people. Surely His return will be more than worth the wait. We will all meet Him in the air and ever be with Him. Maranatha!  Come Lord Jesus.