Expert Builders

As Solomon began building the temple for worship, he assembled the most highly skilled craftsmen he could find. No expense was spared in the preparation and construction of the house God was to dwell in.

The same is happening today as God Himself works in our lives to build and form us together to be the house He lives in. His building expert is the Holy Spirit. His process takes no shortcuts, and demands the highest quality, refinement, and detail.

We holler when He puts a cutting tool to our life, but in patience and long-suffering, we ultimately begin to see the masterpiece He is building. That’s why the Psalmist cried, “How lovely is Thy Dwelling Place, Lord Almighty” [Ps. 84:1]

PRAYER: Lord, You are teaching us eternal lessons through the things we suffer and experience here in this lifetime. Forgive our whining and complaining. We trust that Your eternal purposes are unfolding for our good.

READ: 2 Chron. 1-3

David’s Reign

This lowly shepherd who became Israel’s king set a very high standard for leaders to come. He was a master delegater, mighty warrior, skilled musician, and displayed unswerving obedience to the Lord. His rule was the epitome of dedicated leadership, and his servant’s heart challenges men even today.

Above all, he was a worshipper who spent much time in solitude in God’s presence. The quality time spent in prayer, praise, and devotion are an example to us.

Apart from a few slip-ups, David exemplified the pattern for prophet, priest, and king.

PRAYER: Lord, we thank You for the example King David gave us. We all want to rule and reign in life like he did.

READ: 1 Chron. 27-29

Music Prophecy

Scripture records that certain of the ordained priesthood were to prophesy before the Lord. This indicates a level of spontaneous praise that includes on-the-spot inspiration by God. They must have been “caught up” by God’s Spirit and directly inspired to sing or play a fresh, new song.

We can do that in our personal devotions. We can just begin singing to God about how great He is and His Spirit will make creative expression through us.

Try it when you’re driving along.

PRAYER: Lord, I want to be sincere, creative, and worshipful in whatever I do.

READ: 1 Chron. 24-26

Levitical Function

David ordered the most thorough system of priesthood ministry yet seen. It all originated in his personal desire to see the entire nation enter and experience the personal worship relationship he had with God. There was continual praise and prayer ascending to the Lord from the lips and instruments of the Levites.

This pattern is to be duplicated by us. We are all priests unto God.

“By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name.” [ Heb. 13:15]

PRAYER: Lord, as the Levites in David’s Tabernacle offered praise and thanksgiving morning and evening, so will I remember to give You thanks and praise. You are GREAT!

READ: 1 Chron. 20-23

Nathan’s Prophecy of Jesus

Upon the occasion when David desired to build God a house to dwell in, Nathan came to him describing one of his descendants who would “Be of thy sons; and I (God) will establish his kingdom.  He shall build me an house, and I will establish his throne for ever. I will be his father, and he shall be my son.”

God was clearly pointing to Jesus Who would build His Kingdom IN THE HEARTS OF MEN.

WE are God’s building, His dwelling place.

PRAYER: Lord, You have chosen to live in our hearts rather than in a building made of earthly materials. Give us Your perspective on people so that we can see them as place where Your Spirit can dwell. 

READ: 1 Chron. 17-19

David, the Composer

David composed most of the book of Psalms as we know it.  This aspect of his ministry characterizes the relationship he had with God … he generated personal, creative efforts to show forth his zeal and respect for God. He was a worship leader, not a follower. No one was to be ahead of David when it came to singing or declaring their feelings about their relationship to God. This outgrowth of public praise was the product of David’s private, personal relationship he developed with the Lord as a lone shepherd boy watching his father’s sheep on the hills of Bethlehem.

Our public praise is likewise the fruit of the private, personal relationship we have with God in our secret devotional life. May we all be like David.

PRAYER: Lord, as David did when he composed and danced and sang his praises to You, may our lives likewise display our dependence upon You and the strength You bring to our lives.

READ: 1 Chron. 13-16

Bold Leaders

Soon after David was anointed King, he attacked Jerusalem to take it from the Jebusites. He announced, “Whoever leads the charge will become my army general.” Joab was the man who courageously took the lead. He thereby earned his leadership position.

Clearly, he risked his life when he did so. He put the importance of the mission above his own welfare. Such boldness and self depreciation are qualities essential for effective leadership. After all, the King had set the example when he faced Goliath alone.

PRAYER: Father in Heaven, give us all the grace to put Your Kingdom above and ahead of our own. We give our lives to Your purposes today. Use us to bring down our enemies.

READ: 1 Chron. 10-12