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God’s Weapons

When God sent Moses to Pharaoh to tell him, “Let My people go,” on display were a sampling of God’s storehouse of weapons. Plagues, water turning to blood, frogs, flies, gnats, hail storms, and ultimately death to animals and firstborn children … all at God’s disposal to accomplish His purposes.

Our hope in the Lord is bolstered when we consider His greatness and His ability to protect His people.

It’s good to be on the Lord’s side.

DAILY PRAYER: Lord, we are so glad and grateful to be a part of Your Kingdom. We will serve You and not the god of this world. Deliver us from our idolatry.



I Have Heard Your Groaning

So the Lord responded to the sound of the groaning of the Israelites in Egypt. He declared that He would deliver them and bring them out of their enslavement.

God showed His ability as a Deliverer to them. He is that same Deliverer today. He hears the groaning of those who cry out to Him from their captivity.

Psalm 61 says, “Hear my cry O God and attend unto my prayer. From the ends of the earth will I cry unto Thee. When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the Rock that is higher then I.” That Rock is Jesus.

DAILY PRAYER: Lord, hear the cries of so many in slavery to their sin. Bring a great deliverance to their lives. Make me sensitive to be a minister of reconciliation to them.


From a Basket Floating on the Nile

The amazing journey of Moses began in a basket on the Nile river. He became a great deliverer for the people of God, just as Jesus who similarly began in a cattle feeding basket in a barn.

Both men were destined to stand before the officials of the land in behalf of God’s people. Both were successful in their task, despite severe trials.

Both led their followers out of sin to become worshipers. Notable similarities.

DAILY PRAYER: Lord, Your Hand of deliverance is always available through Christ Jesus. Through the guidance of Your Holy Spirit, use us to help others find their deliverance from sin through Christ and become worshipers.


The Patriarchal Blessing

God empowered and authorized Jacob (Israel)to pronounce a final blessing upon his children. His discourse even became prophetic as he made reference to the future Messiah when he focused upon Judah.

In the New Testament, Simeon and Anna were also aged saints to whom God gave unique spiritual insight when young Jesus entered the temple.

Through the aging process, Godly saints become less valuable for their physical strength, but more vital for their influence and spiritual keenness.

DAILY PRAYER: Father, Your ways are higher than ours. In Your wisdom, You give special value to each member of Your family, the Body of Christ.


God Meant it for Good

Joseph could finally see the reason for all the suffering he experienced. It was the process God designed for him to become God’s deliverer in a very high place of authority to save the lives of many.

The false blame, the rivalry, the jealousy, the allure of sin … all blended together to compose the journey he made from being a shepherd to a ruler.

We never completely see the end result while we are in moments of trial and despair. We take heart from Biblical examples like Joseph and Jesus. We are blessed if we trust God to work everything out for our good.

DAILY PRAYER: Father, forgive us for complaining about the painful circumstances we often find ourselves in. We will trust You to work it out for Your glory and our good.


The Loss of a Child

Joseph’s brothers clarified how important Benjamin was to their father, Jacob. They alluded to his own disappearance as they explained their father’s fragile emotional welfare at the prospect of losing another son. No doubt, they had all  witnessed the distress Jacob experienced at the loss of Joseph.

This story reveals how difficult it is for a parent to lose a child. Our Heavenly Father loved us enough to allow His Son, Christ Jesus, to experience death for our sins. Like Joseph’s seeming death, Christ’s deed brought salvation to all who would come to Him.

There are many parallels between Joseph and Jesus.

DAILY PRAYER: Father in Heaven, Your willingness to sacrifice Your Son has given us eternal hope and welfare. We praise and thank You for giving the life of Your Son to redeem us from destruction.


God Knows Where You Are

Even though the Pharaoh’s cup bearer forgot Joseph in the prison, God jogged his memory when the king had his own dream that needed interpretation. He then remembered the young Hebrew boy and the rest was history. Joseph, after interpreting the dreams with God’s help, was immediately released from his bondage and promoted.

Regardless of the desperation of your circumstances, God knows exactly where you are and is probably preparing for your deliverance. The gifts He gave you will be used for His glory.

DAILY PRAYER: Father, although we become weary of waiting sometimes, we will nevertheless trust You to keep moving us closer to our Kingdom destiny.