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Zealous for God’s Honor

Moabite women seduced Israelite men by the droves. One bold man even paraded his temptress in front of Moses and the leaders who were bemoaning the sin. While in the act of the sin, the priest Phineahas drove a spear into the couple which greatly pleased the Lord and appeased His anger.

A contemporary issue we are dealing with is the rash of moral impurity in teenagers being generated by tech media porn. Let us go after it with spiritual spear strategies.

PRAYER: Father in Heaven, we ask You to bind the powers of darkness who are seducing our teenagers into moral impurity. Fill us with Your Spirit to raise up the standard of purity and thrust the spear of Your Spirit through these enemies.

READING: Num. 25-27

Don’t Beat Your Donkey

Balaam had been summoned by Balak, king of Moab, to curse God’s people as they approached his kingdom. While on his way, Balaam began beating his donkey who was being blocked in the path by the angel of the Lord. God was trying to deter Balaam after He had already warned him against cursing the Israelites. God opened the mouth of the donkey to challenge the determined seer to change his course.

We should be careful that we don’t let carnal determination override obedience to God’s expressed will. You may even hear your donkey speak.

PRAYER: Father, help us to be sensitive to Your leading. Forgive us for our detours and lovingly redirect us back to Your will and purposes.

READING: Num. 21-24


Sanctify My Name

God instructed Moses to pick up his rod and speak to the rock in the Wilderness of Zin when they were out of water. Vexed by the complaining, demanding mood of the Israelites, Moses angrily struck the rock twice in the presence of the people. God went ahead and miraculously provided the water, but was severely displeased with Moses for striking the rock rather than speaking to it as instructed.

Because Moses did not “Sanctify (God’s) name” before the multitude, God determined to keep Moses out of the Promised Land.

We should also allow God to perform miracles for us by “speaking” to Him through prayer.

PRAYER: Lord, in the name of Jesus, we ask for Your supernatural provision for all the needs of life. We want to fully “Sanctify Your Name” by allowing You to meet all our needs through Christ Jesus.

READING: Num. 18-20

God Chooses Leaders

God instructed Moses to gather the rods of the leaders of the twelve tribes to be placed before the Lord to allow Him to choose the leader He endorsed. God choose Aaron’s rod and caused it to grow leaves and actually bud … all overnight.

God has more to do with the selection of leaders than we realize. As our nation is experiencing the political process of choosing a president, let’s believe God to show His hand of favor upon the leader of His choice.

PRAYER: Father in Heaven, our nation needs Your intervention right now. Bring Your peace and power to bear. Give us a leader who will enact Your will in the earth.

READING: Num. 15-17

Stop Complaining

The Children of Israel began complaining to Moses about the manna God had provided. They missed the food of Egypt. Then, when they heard there were giants in the new land, they wanted to go back to Egypt. Complain, complain, complain.

Their groaning and ingratitude greatly displeased the Lord. He sent a plague and thereby resolved to deny them access to the Promised Land.  Only Joshua and Caleb, men who were filled with faith rather than fear, were allowed to enter the new land.

Complaining prevents God’s blessings.

PRAYER: Lord, forgive us when we complain. We are grateful for what You have provided. We will face the future with faith, trusting in Your provision.

READING: Num. 11-14

God’s Leading

As the pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night led God’s people through the wilderness, so the Lord will always lead His people. The pillar may not be there, but the leading is. When we give our lives to the Lord in salvation, He assumes control of our destiny. Worrying about the future is needless. God always has a plan and a destination for us. It’s an exciting life.

PRAYER: Father, You lead me in paths of righteousness for Your name’s sake. I want to be a willing and obedient child and walk by faith into the opportunities You present me.

READING: Num. 8-10


In the law of Moses, the Israelites were to make restitution if they stole or damaged the possessions of another. It was an equitable system that guaranteed the offended party would be reasonably pleased with the settlement.

Today, we try to make restitution to get similar results. Children should be taught to respect the possessions of others. If they offend, they should apologize and make reasonable restitution. It prevents ongoing struggles and bitterness.

PRAYER: Lord, we want to be right by anyone we offend. Before You and our neighbors, we want a clear conscience.

READING: Num. 5-7