Monthly Archives: October 2015

David”s Success

Because he relied upon the Lord’s name for his advantage, David was successful at any task King Saul gave him.

The same success is availabe to us. The power in the name of Jesus will never diminish.

DAILY PRAYER:  In Your name, Jesus, I live each day and approach each task.

DAILY READING: 1Sam. 18, 19

Disobedience Will Destroy You

Saul caved in to the the will of his people instead of obeying God’s command to completely destroy the Amalekites. When Israel had passed though their land on the Exodus, they had not allowed them to drink the water. God had a score to settle, and Saul was to be His instrument.

We don’t always understand the “why” when God asks us to do something. He has a reason. It is for us to obey. Saul disobeyed God and the prophet Samuel and promptly lost his kingship. God chose David.

DAILY PRAYER: Lord, You know best. We place Your Word above the carnal desires of men.

DAILY READING: 1 Sam. 14-16

Obedience Will Preserve You

Saul relied upon his own judgement rather than obey Samuel, God’s prophet. It cost him his crown and his legacy. Leaders that lean upon their own abilities sadly displace the Lord’s favor and direction with their own devices.

David replaced Saul. He was a ruddy, young boy who learned early that God’s power through his obedience could kill the lion, the bear, and the unholy giant, Goliath.

David was a godly leader. God honored him with a place in the genealogy of Jesus.

DAILY PRAYER: Lord, I will obey You and Your Word today in every decision I make.

DAILY READING: 1 Sam. 11-13

What People Want

The Israelites wanted a king. Not realizing that God Himself had been serving them as king through the leadership of Samuel, they thought that a flesh and blood king was in their best interest. Samuel tried to warn them of the folly of their desire. They got a king … Saul … and they suffered.

Often, parents of Christian school students want undue advantage given to their children instead of, for instance, needed correction. They don’t realize what grief they will incur in the future for wanting the wrong thing.

DAILY PRAYER: Lord, only You know what’s truly best for us. We trust You. We receive Your correction when it’s needed.

DAILY READING: 1 Sam. 7-10

Good Fathers

Eli was certainly an example of a bad father, and yet God allowed him to raise Samuel in the Lord’s House. The main sin that he committed was when his sons did wickedly, blaspheming God, he did not restrain, correct, or chastise them.

Good fathers lovingly and firmly correct their children when they err. In doing so, they retain God’s favor and blessing upon their families.

DAILY PRAYER: Lord, Your ways are higher than our ways. You want us to bring correction to our children. You want them to become like Samuel who served you faithfully his entire life.


Above The Law

Eli’s biggest failing as a father was to allow his sons, Hophni and Phinehas, to be above the law. Their wicked deeds were a reproach to the office of priest which they held. Eli’s laxity as a father cost his family dearly.

When parents selfishly put their own children above the rules, giving them undue favor above all others, they are hurting them. God enforces His rules.

DAILY PRAYER: Father in Heaven, mercifully lead us to be good parents and leaders.


“I Will Do Whatever You Say”

Ruth’s unconditional commitment to fulfill righteousness is demonstrated by her response to her mother-in-law, Naomi, who instructed her to be available to become the wife of Boaz. Her obedience aligned her placement in the bloodline of David, and ultimately, Christ Jesus.

Our unconditional obedience to Christ’s teachings qualifies us to directly impact His purposes in the earth.

DAILY PRAYER: Lord, in every decision of life, I will do “whatever You say.”