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About dpdemos

I am a 68 year old Christian who takes the daily devotional life seriously. I am told that my Greek grandfather was a devout man. My father is a devout man. May it be said of me.

Christ Prophesied

Micah was one of the Old Testament prophets who was privileged to predict the coming of the Anointed One. In chapter 5 he identified the city where Jesus was to be born … Bethlehem … and spoke of the latitude of Christ’s authority.

Reading about His reign here on earth is exciting. When it totally comes to pass “In that day,” it will be glorious. Yet, our hearts are the focus of His rule and reign right now. Every day is an opportunity to experience a further relinquishing of yourself to His purposes … a chance to walk into greater and more rewarding dimensions of His blessing. We can live a BLESSED LIFE.

Why settle for anything less?

READ/LISTEN: Micah 1-5

Another Chance

Jonah had disobeyed God and sought to run away from his call to Nineveh. His efforts caused great distress for himself and all those on the getaway ship he was upon. When he finally relented after spending 3 days in the great fish, he was spat upon dry land. It was there that the Lord offered him a second chance to fulfill his call.

The results of Jonah’s revived ministry were unbelievable, with the entire city of Nineveh responding affirmatively to his call to repentance. All this because he paid the price for his contrariness and turned back to a path of obedience.

God gives second chances … and more.

READ/LISTEN: Obadiah; Jonah 1-4

God Watches Every Business Transaction

God spoke through Amos citing His displeasure over sellers of wheat who skimped on the measuring and boosted the price. He watches every business deal to make sure it is honest. This is micro-accountability.

We are foolish to think God overlooks such trivialities. He desires that we treat each other with respect, honesty, and integrity.

If we do every deal as if the Lord is our customer, we are on the right track.


God Controls the Rain

I remember Dale Asmus, a farmer friend of mine from Bowling Green, Ohio, saying that it rained on his crops but not on his neighbor’s. Dale had been praying for the rain.

Amos mentioned this ability God has in his prophecy … that God could rain on one city and not another. The Lord has ALL CONTROL of everything … but He won’t manipulate you against your will. He desires that you come to Him of your own free will because you want Him or need Him.

Go ahead, ask for rain, ask for bread, ask for healing. He has it ALL.


God’s Retribution

God used the prophets to speak against injustices. With their words, they would level enemies and Israelites alike for their transgressions. This is one big reason why they were often so unpopular.

God sits in His heavens and observes every act of man, then records it. That’s why its critical for all to be absolved of their transgressions through the process God clarified through the Law … that of offering sacrifices for sin and making just restitution.

Praise the Lord, Christ’s blood was shed that all who look upon Him and confess their sin will be forgiven. At that point, God erases the record from His books and we are free to live with a clear conscience.

READ/LISTEN: Joel 3; Amos 1,2

Tough Times

Tough times can either be allowed or sent by God. Let’s face it … they get our attention and cause us to reach for help. This is actually what God wants. They should stimulate humility and repentance and crying out to God for salvation.

God’s nature is loving, kind, and merciful. He does not enjoy seeing us suffer, but anxiously waits for us to call to Him for help. When we do, He takes great pleasure in coming to our rescue to develop our trust in Him.

Life’s journey is a wonderful time to learn this principle. Tough times? Pray!



I flew home yesterday to be with my parents. Mom is 89 and very near the end of her Earthly Journey.

At this point it’s difficult to undo the errors of life. Conversely, it’s a good time to rest in the memory of a life serving the Lord.

Run the race of life so that at the end, you have a clear conscience of a life well-lived.

READ/LISTEN: Hosea 10–14