Monthly Archives: May 2015

You are not to be like that!

At His last meal with his disciples, Jesus rebuked them when they began vying for position in his kingdom. The Master clearly declared that if you want to be great and His kingdom, you should be a servant of all.

It seems we must be reminded of this principal often. Be a servant today.

DAILY PRAYER:  Father, forgive me for trying to be great when You are the only Great One. Help me see service opportunities today.

DAILY READING:  Luke 21, 22

Use it or Lose it!

Jesus gave many teachings encouraging wise stewardship such as the story of a wealthy man who left three servants with some money to care for. The ones who invested and used it wisely were commended. The one who feared the master and buried his charge was severely reprimanded.

All we have been given and how we use it is being watched. Without fear, do the best you can to make it be effective to build God’s Kingdom.

DAILY PRAYER: Lord, open my eyes to see investment opportunities today that I should take advantage of. I want to be faithful to You.


Don’t Give Up!

Persistent prayer is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. Jesus was constantly teaching to build the faith of His disciples so they could demonstrate the power of His Kingdom.

The story of the widow who prevailed in her request to the unjust judge in Luke 18 gives us fuel to amp up our prayerful asking. Remember, what is impossible with man is POSSIBLE with God.

DAILY PRAYER:  Lord, we come to You today with the requests that will both meet our needs and demonstrate Your power to those around us. In the name of Jesus.

DAILY READING:  Luke 17,18

Avoid Self-Promotion

Who would make a better business agent for you?  The person in the mirror, or the Holy Spirit?

Jesus said you will be humbled if you promote yourself, but you will be exalted if you humble yourself.  He made this point as he described people who always try take the seat of prominence at an event.  Allow the Holy Spirit to place you in the right seat.  You will have a better time … I guarantee it!

DAILY PRAYER:  Lord, let me be one who walks through life sitting in the seat You have designed for me.  Your placement is the wisest.  I belong to You.


Be Ready

Luke 12 is packed with end-time advice from Jesus for His disciples.  Warnings against temporal investments, worrying about provision, preoccupation with self … the things that displace being full of the Spirit and living a life of self-sacrifice … are identified as hindrances to being ready for the Lord’s return.

His promise to care for our needs and give us an eternal home with Him transcend the value of anything this life has to offer.

DAILY PRAYER:  Lord, forgive us for focusing on the temporal.  We set our affection on things above where we will enjoy Your presence for eternity.

DAILY READING:  Luke 12,13

Hear and Obey

When a woman in the crowd of followers exclaimed, “Blessed is the mother who gave you birth …”  Jesus made this a teaching moment by replying, “Blessed rather are those who hear the Word of God and obey it.”  Thereby, He clarified that the spiritual birth and compliance with the Gospel message was the principal criteria for favor in God’s Kingdom.  God doesn’t have any grandchildren.  Only children.

DAILY PRAYER:  Father, grace me to be obedient to You in every thing I do.  I want to live in the fullness of Your blessing.

DAILY READING:  Luke 10.11

Power and Authority

God entrusted all power and authority to Christ, and He passed along to us that necessary to perpetuate His ministry here.  [Luke 9:1]

Don’t hesitate to us it, praying in the name of Jesus, to cast out demons and heal the sick.  We have been reluctant to pray this way.  Christ Jesus wants to use us.  Be bold.  Be strong, for the Lord your God is with you.

DAILY PRAYER:  Lord Jesus, forgive us for being so reluctant to pray and use the authority You gave us.  We believe You and will not heed our fears.