Expert Builders

As Solomon began building the temple for worship, he assembled the most highly skilled craftsmen he could find. No expense was spared in the preparation and construction of the house God was to dwell in.

The same is happening today as God Himself works in our lives to build and form us together to be the house He lives in. His building expert is the Holy Spirit. His process takes no shortcuts, and demands the highest quality, refinement, and detail.

We holler when He puts a cutting tool to our life, but in patience and long-suffering, we ultimately begin to see the masterpiece He is building. That’s why the Psalmist cried, “How lovely is Thy Dwelling Place, Lord Almighty” [Ps. 84:1]

PRAYER: Lord, You are teaching us eternal lessons through the things we suffer and experience here in this lifetime. Forgive our whining and complaining. We trust that Your eternal purposes are unfolding for our good.

READ: 2 Chron. 1-3

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